Purchasing Firearms using the AimSurplus, LLC FFL Transfer Dealer Network

All modern firearms must be purchased or transferred by a FFL dealer located in the purchaser’s state.

AimSurplus, LLC has created a simple way to locate a dealer in your area who is willing to process a firearm(s) transfer via the AimSurplus, LLC FFL Dealer Network.

The process is easy:
Each of the FFL dealers in the network has already agreed to transfer firearms to you, the consumer, for a specified fee(s). Simply locate a dealer in your area, carefully review the dealer’s terms and fees and then complete your order. The firearm(s) will be shipped to the business address of the dealer with your name and contact number attached.

AimSurplus, LLC Disclaimer: AimSurplus, LLC is providing this network as a convenience and service to our customers. AimSurplus, LLC assumes NO financial responsibility related to any and all firearms transfers or related fees under any circumstances.

Find a FFL Dealer

Find a FFL Dealer

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