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James River Armory BM-59 .308 Rifle

James River Armory BM-59 .308 Rifle

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James River Armory BM-59 .308 Caliber Semi-Auto Rifle. These Rifles are built by James River using original very clean Italian BM-59 parts kits and New JRA Barrels and Receivers. Includes hard carry case and 1 -20 round Magazine.

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    James River Armory BM-59 .308 Rifle

    Item Specs

    Caliber: .308/7.62x51 Color: Brown Overall length: 43.11" Weight: 9.7lbs

    More Information

    The Beretta BM59 was an Italian-made rifle based on the M1 Garand rifle, but chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO, and modified to use a detachable magazine. BM59 rifles also include a folding bipod, folding Rifle grenade sight and a unique muzzle device that is a combination muzzlebrake/flash hider/rifle grenade launcher. The unique "tricompensator" also features a built-in bayonet lug.

    • MANUFACTURER: James River Armory
    • CALIBER: .308
    • RECEIVER: New M1 Garand/BM59 receiver
    • ACTION: Gas operated piston, rotating bolt Semi-auto
    • BARREL: New US made barrel, 1:10 twist
    • MAGAZINE: 20 round BM59 magazine
    • OVERALL LENGTH: (approx.) 43.11 inches
    • WEIGHT: (approx.) 9.70 lbs, unloaded

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